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Business Coaching – A Last Resort?

Business coaching is not something you should consider to save a failing business. Many small businesses run into trouble and decline to a point of no return. There are many reasons for this, such as, the business runs out of money, the growth has been too explosive and management cannot handle the operational aspects of […]

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The 3 Step Soft Sell

When it comes to making a sale we can all get a little excited. That excitement, unfortunately, can work against us by scaring off our prospect. Prospects (just like you and me) do not like to be put under pressure ina selling situation. They become very creative with their objections and reasons for not committing […]

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Personal Productivity And Its Effect On Profitability

There is no getting away from it. Your success whether in business, sport or anything else you care to name is in large part dependent on how effectively you manage your time. By managing your time I don’t mean increasing the amount of hours you spend wading through emails or getting up three hours earlier […]

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How To Advertise Effectively

If you’re thinking of placing a magazine or newspaper advertisement for your business, then consider testing its effectiveness before you go spending your hard earned money. Too many businesses waste precious dollars on expensive advertisements without knowing whether they will prompt readers to respond at all! Now when creating a great advertisement (a direct response […]

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Sales Advice For A Down Market

When business is slow, it becomes all too easy to blame it on a down market. Quit thinking this way and see the slow economy as an opportunity to beef up your sales training. You see, the best salespeople thrive when the market is down. How? They just change their strategy. Here are four foolproof […]

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Networking For Results – 7 Tips For Success

Networking is a powerful strategy in marketing your     business, if approached the right way. It can also be a massive waste of your energy and time without criteria to adhere to in selecting the events you will attend. Once at the event of course you should follow a set structure to extract the most benefit […]

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